Mr. Lucky established Lucky's Charms and Supplies in 1982, on East 55th Street and Superior Ave in Cleveland, Ohio armed with an entrepreneurial spirit, $300.00 on hand, and a heart of gold; determined to share not starve the community. He imagined a place where you and your children could come and experience a family friendly environment where trust in one another was a norm, where everyone could relax and enjoy a good part of their day, priceless summer days of original arcade games, contests that brought out creativity and encouraged individuality, belief in oneself and in what they could be; nurturing dreams and goals into reality. We were a presence in and a part of the lives of those from all walks of life for 30 plus years running.

Mr. Lucky has lived in Cleveland his entire life. A proud graduate of Glenville High School and former attendee of Kent State University and Central State University, he has obtained the skills and knowledge to grow this business from my family tree, whom walked me through passage in this line of work. This gift of inspiring and guiding all through the application of our lucky charms has not only landed Lucky's Charms and Supplies in some of the most prominent national news papers and radio station in the United States, but has also enabled Mr. Lucky to have opened four locations in three decades. Lucky's Charms and Supplies will continue to bring to all hope with integrity under the umbrella of prosperity. Lucky's Charms and Supplies is the original spiritual light house dedicated to preserve the qualities of goodness for all that believe that faith, luck and perseverance go a long way.

We have redefined candle dressing through a technique created and taught by Mr. Lucky, called "Echo Speaks". This method creates longer and stronger spiritual vibrations, cutting short the time it takes to produce results. It also uncovers mysterious, cryptic blessings which produces methodical obedience. Mr. Lucky’s charms are designed exclusively for individuals as a lasting dominance. Experience how we've uncovered cryptic spiritual penetration, bringing joy and happiness where there was neither. All Talismans and Charms created eliminate the presence of fear and allows you to maximize your universal forces, tapping into every desired aspect of your life. Mr. Lucky’s oils are also created and personally processed by Mr. Lucky using uniquely selected passed down recipes.  These recipes have been tested and proven throughout many generations and are accurate and true.  Moreover, they are tailored and configured to satisfy and sustain every desire one would need and want.